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Should You Re-enroll a Family That Has Left Your Daycare?

One of the most challenging decisions a daycare provider has to make is whether to re-enroll a family that has left their daycare. Understandably, families leave for a variety of reasons, including price. However, should you accept them despite their departure if they ask to come back? In this blog post, we explore the pros and cons of re-enrollment, and we offer our perspective on the matter.


One of the most significant advantages of re-enrolling a family, who has left earlier, is that you already know them and their child. You have an idea of their personality, routine, and their preferences. This information can assist you in making an informed decision on whether the child will be a good fit for your daycare. It can also be an excellent opportunity to fill up any empty spots you may have.


However, there are some disadvantages to re-enrolling a family who has previously left your daycare. If cost was their reason for leaving, it is not uncommon for families to only return while they try to find new, more affordable daycare. This means you may become a temporary solution until a better one comes along. Additionally, you need reliable income, and if the family has already left for this reason once, then there may not be a long-term plan to stay with your daycare. It can be challenging to run a daycare when you must constantly look for new families to fill gaps. It is essential to check whether their return is permanent or just temporary.

Daycare families are consumers, and daycares are businesses.   

Every business is not immune to competition. People shop around for low-cost and better-quality services. If price is the primary reason for their departure and you cannot accommodate their budget, then it’s understandable. As daycare providers, we must learn that this decision is not personal.  

Taking in returning families to your daycare is a risky business. You don’t want to fill up spots with families who will leave again because you need stability in your business. As daycare providers, your primary responsibility is providing quality care for the child and managing your daycare. Therefore, when deciding to re-enroll a family, think carefully and investigate the facts behind the departure. If they followed the rules of payment and conduct and were respectful and loyal before they left, it would be an injustice not to give them a fair chance. However, if there were unresolved issues, it might not be a good idea to let them back in. Ultimately re-enrolling a family requires making informed decisions based on their past behavior, your financial needs, and your commitment to providing quality care.

Let’s Recap: Should You Re-enroll a Family That Has Left Your Daycare?


  • Familiarity: Since the family has already been a part of your daycare, a level of familiarity already exists. This familiarity could lead to an easier transition for the child and their family.
  • Known quantities: You already have some background knowledge of the child and their family dynamics, so that could be helpful in how you plan to approach their care and what to expect.
  • Revenue: Re-enrolling a family that has left your daycare means you don’t have to search for a new family to fill that spot. Re-enrolling can help ensure steady revenue for your daycare.


  • Reason for leaving: If the family had a negative experience or left for reasons like cost, it may not be worth the risk of bringing them back.
  • Changes: Depending on how long the family has been gone, there may have been changes to your daycare that could create an unfamiliar environment for the returning child and their family.

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