Save Money On Toys

10 Tips On How To Save Money On Toys

The simple truth is that if you want to save money on toys, you can’t buy too many. The hottest toys are always the most expensive. And tend to cause the most fights among the kids. 

A toy is simply something that has been designed to entertain and stimulate children. And since kids need lots of stimulation and entertainment to develop properly – well, it can all just adds up.

Every toy has a cost associated with it: The purchase price, the cost of batteries, storage space, time spent playing with it, parental supervision required while playing with it, and so on… And those costs will add up quickly if your home daycare kids want lots of different or new toys every few weeks!

Here are our best tips on how to save money on toys

Create toy bins

The best way to keep toys new and exciting is to limit the number of toys you have out at one time. Create a toy bin system in which you split up all the toys you have into different bins. Keep only one container out at a time, and in a week or so, rotate the bins. You kids will love the new toys, even if they are old toys that they have seen before. 

Use what you already have.

When you first open a home daycare, you do not need to buy a bunch of toys. Try using what you already have. If your own kids have a hard time sharing their toys with the home daycare, then dedicate some toys as “just home daycare toys” and some that are “personal.” Keep personal toys out of your home daycare area, so there is no confusion. 

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Make toys out of stuff you have already have around the house.

Toys really can be anything. Try making homemade toys out of things kicking around the house. Upcycle boxes or toilet paper rolls. Or even try your hand at making your own playdough.  

Save money on toys by shopping at thrift stores.

Your local thrift store is a great place to find toys and books. Sometimes the toys are still in the box. Don’t forget a receipt for your taxes.    

Sell old toys 

Sell the old toys that the kids have lost interest in and use the money to buy new, used toys. You can usually get a really great deal on used toys. Don’t forget about child consignment stores.      

Ask for donations 

Start by asking friends or family if they have any old toys they want to get rid of. Then ask the admin of your local parent Facebook groups if you can make a post asking for donations for your home daycare. Also, check out your local buy-nothing group for free toys.   

Check out your community resources.

Does your local library have a toy exchange? Some community service offices and libraries have a toy library. You can borrow toys for a week or two. Then exchange them for other toys. If your city doesn’t have a service like this, why not create one with some other home daycares in your area.

Save money on toys by browse the discount section

Always take a browse through the discount section at your local grocery store, big-box store or even your local pharmacy. Sometimes you can score crazy deals on new toys. After Christmas is an excellent time to look. And remember to get receipts, so you can claim them on your taxes. 

Today’s Deals on Amazon

Finally, check out today’s deals on Amazon. Sort by toys, then by highest discount or lowest price. Sometimes you can find a hidden gem. Also, check out the amazon outlet section for some crazy deals.  

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