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Program Review: Children Learning Reading | Improve Your Child’s Reading Skills

The Children Learning Reading program helps parents teach their children how to read effectively. The core aim of this program is to help children develop phonemic awareness. Which is the ability to decode printed text quickly and read fluently. The program’s authors, Jim and Elena, created the Children Learning Reading program after using it to teach their own children to read. Before they turned three years old.

The program is ideal for parents with young children between two and six years old. It is a step-by-step program that includes simple exercises and practices. Starting with the first lessons that help children to become fluent readers. The program aims to ensure children develop strong reading skills that will last a lifetime by focusing on phonemic awareness.

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Children Learning Reading

How does The Children Learning Reading Program Work?

The Children Learning Reading Program is designed around a two-stage approach with a total of 50 lessons to help young learners develop essential reading skills. Stage 1 comprises 28 lessons aimed at laying the foundations of reading, starting with basic skills for recognizing alphabet letters and sounds. As the learner progresses through the course, increasingly complex words, sentences, stories, and rhymes are introduced to enhance reading skills. By the end of stage 1, the young reader is likely to have developed strong reading abilities.

Stage 2 contributes 22 lessons dedicated to further skill development, focusing on letter combinations (digraphs) and more advanced materials. The words, sentence structures, stories, and rhymes are designed to expand the reader’s reading fluency and skills.

The program’s unique approach does not rely on memorizing phonics rules, making it highly effective for young children. Furthermore, the progressive step-by-step process ensures each lesson is concise and typically takes at most 10 minutes to complete, enabling optimal efficiency for small children with short attention spans.

The Reading Program not only provides young readers with the essentials for proficient reading, but it also does so while nurturing young children’s curiosity and natural skills, making it the ideal tool for helping children develop strong reading abilities. Learn More About Reading Strategies

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Children Learning Reading

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