Medical Emergency Plan For Home Daycares

Medical Emergency Plan For Home Daycares

No one wants to think about emergencies happening in their home daycare. But accidents happen. Whether it’s a minor medical emergency or a major one you should be prepared for the unexpected as a child care provider. A solid medical emergency plan will help you be prepared. The following post explains how to create a comprehensive medical emergency plan for home daycares.

Why is having an emergency plan for home daycares important?

Most home accidents are minor and do not require emergency response services. However, in the event of a medical emergency that needs professional help, it is essential to have a plan and kit ready to respond quickly and correctly to minimize any harm that may come to you or the children.

In addition, having a solid emergency plan will give parents peace of mind and confidence to leave their children in your care. A copy of this plan should be in your parent handbook and updated yearly if necessary.

Medical Emergencies

What to do in the event of medical emergencies in your home daycare is scary to think about. While you can’t prepare for every type of medical incident you may encounter in your home daycare, you can have a general idea of how you will handle minor emergencies. And what you are going to do in the event of a significant emergency.  

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A critical part of your medical emergency plan should include your communication process with parents. Parents will want to know when and how you plan on communicating incidents with them. For some parents, your response to even minor medical emergencies will be a deciding factor for enrollment in your home daycare. Let them know how you are going to respond to emergencies in your Parent’s Handbook. Ask them to provide you with the best way to get a hold of them in the event of a major emergency.  

Minor medical emergencies

Minor bumps and scratches are inevitable. In your childcare emergency plan, you should specify how you will handle minor injuries. Minor medical injuries are scrapes and cuts that don’t require stitches, minor bumps, or tumbles.  

Will you first administer first aid, then let the parent know what happened at the end of the day? 

Or will you call the parents right away?  

How do you plan on communicating medical incidents with the parents? Phone, text, or email.

Medical Emergency Plan For Home Daycares

Major medical Emergencies 

Major medical emergencies are every childcare provider’s biggest nightmare. All precautions should be in place that one doesn’t happen, but emergencies do happen. In your emergency plan, you should answer these questions:

  • What are you going to do in case of a major emergency injury or illness? Call emergency services, administrate first aid or call parents.  
  • Who will look after the children if you are the one with the medical emergency?
  • Specify who is responsible for the cost of any emergency medical treatment/ transportation. 

Example: Medical Emergency Plan For Home Daycares

While minor bumps and scratches are inevitable, (Example Home Daycare) always makes sure that its staff is monitoring and ensuring the children remain safe. Minor injuries will receive immediate and appropriate first aid. Unless otherwise stated, parents will be notified of the incident upon pickup.

(Example Home Daycare) will contact parents in the event of a significant injury or illness after contacting emergency services. It is the parent’s responsibility to provide a phone number so that we can reach them at all times.

If emergency medical treatment is required, the parents are responsible for all costs, including transportation. In the event of sickness/injury to parents/guardians or any of the children while on these premises, (Example Home Daycare) will not be held liable.

*NOTE: This is only an example and is NOT prepared by a lawyer. Make sure you have appropriate insurance in case of a medical emergency.

Simplified Example Plan 

(Example Home Daycare) will always be doing their best to ensure the children remain safe and healthy. If any major injuries occur, we will contact emergency services, then immediately reach out to parents to tell them about what happened.  Please provide us with a phone number in which we can reach you at all times. 

*NOTE: This is only an example and is NOT prepared by a lawyer. Make sure you have appropriate insurance in case of a medical emergency.

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