Home daycare Name ideas

Home Daycare Name Ideas

Finding the perfect daycare name for your business can be challenging but not impossible. Below, you will find not just a ton of home daycare name ideas, but we will show you a bunch of ways to create your own custom name.

Before you apply for a business license, you’ll need a business name. You will want to make sure no one in your area has a similar daycare business name. Pick a name that stands out from other similar childcare centers. But how do you find original daycare name ideas that have not been taken already?

Easy, you make up your own with a combination of cutesy words and catchy words. Come up with a bunch of creative daycare name ideas to choose from. Try to limit the names to two to three words each. And keep the daycare names simple and easy to pronounce. Then, choose the best name for your new business.

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Cute Home Daycare Names

To make a truly cute daycare name, start by using some use cutesy words. Try to rhyme them to make the daycare’s name more catchy. Or try adding a “y” to the end of some of the words to make them more cutesy. Like how pink turns into pinky. Below, we have listed a bunch of cutesy words for you. As you can see, there is a mixture of cute animals, bugs, food, and some made-up cute words already.

Cutesy words to use for daycare names

  • bear
  • bubbles
  • bug
  • bumblebee
  • buttercup
  • butterfly
  • butterscotch
  • buttons
  • charming
  • cuddly
  • cupcake
  • cute
  • cutie pie
  • cutsie
  • daisy
  • delightful
  • dimples
  • dimples
  • ducky
  • fairy
  • fun
  • funny
  • gem
  • giggles
  • goofy
  • heart
  • hugsy
  • jazzie
  • jiggly
  • joy
  • kitty
  • ladybug
  • love
  • lovey
  • monkey
  • muchkin
  • munchkin
  • panda
  • peachy
  • petals
  • petite
  • piggy
  • pipsqueak
  • precious
  • pretty
  • prince
  • princess
  • pumpkin
  • puppy
  • rainbow
  • ruby
  • seashells
  • smiley
  • snuggle
  • snuggly
  • sparkle
  • sprinkles
  • sunshine
  • sweet
  • sweetie
  • sweetkins
  • sweetpie
  • sweety
  • Tinkle
  • toot
  • tootsie
  • twinkle
  • whiskers
  • wiggly
  • wispy
  • wobblyblossom

Here are some ideas for some cute names for daycares

  • Sunshine Academy
  • Wiggly wobbly Home Daycare
  • Pipsqueak Pack Daycare
cute daycare names

Catchy Names For Daycare

A good catchy name usually rhymes but doesn’t have to. Think of some catchy business names that you have noticed in the past. What makes them catchy? Remember, catchy names are often short and sweet. And they tend to make you smile when you hear them.

  • Seashell Sunshine Daycare
  • Cute Cubs Child Care Center
  • Peachy Pedals Home Daycare
  • Quest Child Care Services
  • Twinkle Tykes Child Care

Creative names for daycare

Creative names provoke some kind of emotion. What emotion do you want your clients to feel when they leave their children in your care? Do you want them to feel safe, confident, and secure in their choice of your home daycare? Do you want the child to feel excited, happy, and inspired to come to your daycare?

Think of ways you can evoke emotion in your name.

Creative daycare name ideas

  • Smiling Faces Home Daycare
  • Home away from home Daycare
  • Discovering Minds Family Daycare
  • Little Learning School
  • Preschool Prep Daycare

Other daycare names ideas

  • You can use your name. For example, Sally’s Home Daycare
  • The city/area you live in. Like Westbrook Home Daycare
  • Review your Home Daycare Business Summary and incorporate a niche element. Such as Hillcrest Bilingual Home Daycare. Or if you plan on opening a Religious Home daycare, you could incorporate that into the name.

*A business name can be registered if you want, but it’s not necessary. The benefit of registering your business name is that someone else cannot use a similar name for their small business. This is usually done at your local licensing office, and it costs money to register a business name.

Home Daycare Website / Domain Name

Although it is not required, you may want to check for available domain names matching your business name. This will help differentiate your home daycare from other similar businesses in your area. In addition, a website will save you time answering questions about your policies and prices. A website can also be an effortless way for new clients to find you. You can even make extra money from blogging about your activities, crafts, and meals.

Websites like www.godaddy.com and www.namesilo.com let you check if your domain is available. If you intend to set up a simple website, check out www.squarespace.com, which provides a simple plug-and-play service.

Additional Word Options for Home Daycare Names

Other words for kids

  • Children
  • Youngsters
  • Toddler
  • Babes
  • little ones
  • tots
  • Kiddies
  • whippersnappers
  • Cubs
  • kiddos
  • Munchkins
  • sprouts
  • squirts
  • littlies
  • tykes
  • small fry
  • babes in arms

Other words for small

  • Little
  • Tiny
  • Mini
  • Petite

If you are really stuck, you can use a business name generator. Hope this post helps you find the perfect name for your childcare business.

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Home Daycare Name Ideas

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