Do home daycares have to be licenced?

Many people consider home daycares to be the best way to provide quality care for their children. But, do all home daycares have to be licenced? Licensing requirements vary depending on the state/province you live in. Therefore it’s important that before opening a home daycare, you check with your local government about any rules and regulations that may apply.

So, do home daycares have to be licenced?

It depends in where you live!

Not all states or provinces make you attain a licence to open a home daycare. Check out our resource page for more information.

What are some licensing requirements for home daycares?

The licensing process, responsibilities and obligations of childcare providers are different in each jurisdiction. But generally,

  • You must be 18 years old to receive a license to operate a daycare and have a criminal record check with no convictions listed.
  • In some jurisdictions, caregivers must complete training courses before obtaining their license; others may require ongoing professional development throughout their time as a home daycare provider.
  • Home daycare providers typically need CPR certification and first aid training.
  • Some jurisdictions require providers to get food sanitation certificates.
  • Medical clearence from a doctor

Licensed home daycares are required to meet stricter requirements than unlicensed daycare providers. In some jurisdictions, licensed home daycares are inspected regularly to ensure they are meeting the provincial/states standard of care.

Why bother getting licensed, if it’s not required?

Depending on where you live, you may have access to extra resources and subsidies. For example, professional development, additional funding, including wage top-ups, support from qualified consultants. You can also get help with the placement of children in your home daycare.


Home daycare Licensing Questions To Ask

Here’s a list of questions you should find out regarding licensing for your local area.  

  1. What are the liceing requiements to open a home daycare in my province, state, or country?
  2. =Does my province, state, or country have any requiremets for opening a home daycare ? (For both licensed or private)
  3. How many children can I care for at one time?
    1. Infant:
    2. Toddler
    3. Preschooler:
    4. School-age:
  4. Do I need any special training?
    1. First Aid/ CPR
    2. Food Safety/ Food Handlers Certificate
  5. Is a background check required?
    1. How much does it cost?
    2. How often will I need to renew my police clearance?
    3. Is a background check requred for all adults living in the household?
  6. How much does licencing cost? Is it a yearly cost or a one time fee?
  7. Are there any extra benefits/resources available to me if I become licensed?

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