Free First Day of Daycare Coloring Sheets

3 Free First Day of Daycare Coloring Sheets

Are you a daycare provider who wants to do something special for new children on their first day? Look no further than these three free first day of daycare coloring sheets that are sure to make even the most nervous of children feel more at ease on their first day.

These are perfect for any age child, so whether you’re caring for toddlers or school-age kids, you can find something here to help them feel welcome.

Free First Day of Daycare Coloring Sheets

Free First Day of Daycare Coloring Sheets

Our coloring sheets are great tools to use for introducing new kids to the daycare environment. Not only are they fun and engaging, but they also help break the ice between the kids and create a more comfortable atmosphere. With our coloring sheets, kids can interact with each other without feeling pressure to come up with conversation topics in an unfamiliar setting. Plus, at the end of their session, they have a masterpiece they can be proud of!

Our list of suggested supplies that will make coloring time go smoothly:


Crayons are the most basic option and can be used on almost any type of paper. Be sure to stock your shelves with a wide variety of colors so that kids can get creative! Look for nontoxic options, as these are especially safe for toddlers.

Honeysticks 100% Pure Beeswax Crayons

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Markers offer more vibrant colors than crayons. They come in both washable and non-washable varieties. Just make sure you choose markers that won’t leave permanent marks on furniture or clothing! Try to find a set with multiple shades of each color so that older kids can explore shading techniques.

Crayola 16 Pip-Squeaks Broad Line Washable Markers

Colored Pencils

Colored pencils provide an even more precise approach to coloring, allowing for greater detail in artwork. They tend to last longer than markers or crayons, but they still need to be sharpened regularly. Plus, sharpening colored pencils helps keep little hands busy while providing an extra sensory experience!

Triangle Grip Pencil Crayons for Toddlers

These free coloring sheets are a perfect way for daycare providers to help new children feel at ease on the first day. They are a simple yet powerful tool that can go a long way in making everyone, especially the new children, feel comfortable. Not only do they provide a distraction from any anxiety or stress the child may be feeling, but they also provide a creative outlet for expression. Plus, they are free, so there is no added stress for daycare providers!

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