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Free Fingerprint Tree Template For Kids

Are you looking for a free fingerprint tree template?

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What is a fingerprint tree?

A fingerprint tree is a fun craft to do with young kids. You set out a variety of colored paints and let the kid dip their fingers in the paint and then press their fingers on the paper to make a fingerprint. The fingerprints become the leaves of the tree. Ya, it can get a bit messy, but it makes a super cute memory. Plus, you can use the template to glue on all the gorgeous fall leaves.

Here’s a few fun ways to use our free fingerprint tree template:

Seasons Tree: Use different colored fingerprints to represent the changing seasons. Green for spring, vibrant colors for summer, warm tones for autumn, and cool tones for winter.

Nature Study: Let toddlers explore the natural world by using different shades of green fingerprints to mimic leaves on the tree. Encourage discussions about trees, leaves, and the environment.

Family Tree: Use different colored inks or paints to represent family members’ fingerprints, creating a unique and personalized family tree.

Another fun idea would be to get each of your students involved in creating a collaborative fingerprint tree. As time passes, the kids at your daycare can add fingerprints and watch the masterpiece grow! This is sure to spark some creative conversations between you and your students, making it both educational and entertaining.

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