field trip ideas for daycares

40 Field Trip Ideas For Daycares

We’ve compiled a list of 40 excellent field trip ideas for daycares. From local parks and playgrounds to farms and nature centers, there’s something on this list for everyone. And best of all, most of these trips are completely free! 

Field trips are a great way to get your kids out of the house and explore the world around them. Plus, field trips are an excellent opportunity to socialize and learn new things together. But, coming up with new and exciting field trip ideas can be challenging. Especially if you’re on a budget. 

What are you waiting for? Get planning!

40 Field Trip Ideas For Daycares

  • Local park – Take a walk or have a picnic lunch together
  • Nature center – Go on a hike or explore the exhibits
  • Zoo – See the animals and learn about their habitats
  • Aquarium – Watch the fish swim and learn about ocean ecology
  • Botanical garden – Smell the flowers and learn about different plant species
  • Children’s museum – Touch, feel, and explore all the various exhibits
  • Historic site – Walk through an old fort or visit a preserved home from Colonial times
  • Art museum -Look at paintings and sculptures from different cultures and periods
  • Planetarium – Learn about the stars and planets overhead
  • Farm – Milk a cow, gather eggs or take a hayride 
  • Animal sanctuaries – Visit a pet store or animal shelter and learn about taking care of animals.
  • Orchards – Explore how fruits are grown on trees.
  • Greenhouses – Look at all the plants and veggies grown in greenhouses.
  • Corn mazes – Get lost exploring a corn maze.
  • Libraries – Visit a library or museum geared towards young children.
  • TV/movie studios or Radio stations
  • Places of worship – Learn about different religions.
  • Fire stations – Ask to take a tour of your local fire station
  • Police stations  
  • Ambulance services  
  • Factories – Does your local factory offer tours?
  • Recycling depot –  See how bottles and cans are recycled
  • Downtown areas – Check out the skyscrapers
  • Local businesses – Ask to tour your local grocery store or restaurant.
  • Malls – Malls usually have fun kid play areas.
Field Trip Ideas For Daycare Providers

More Field Trip Ideas For Daycares

  • Post offices – Help the kids to write letters and drop them off at the post office.
  • Hospitals – See if your hospital has tours
  • Government buildings – Check out city hall or the local courthouse
  • Senior citizen homes – Make a craft and deliver them to senior homes
  • Schools or Colleges – Vist your local university campus
  • Amusement parks – Spend the day on rides 
  • Community gardens – Plant some flowers or veggies
  • Natural landmarks:  Scenic overlooks, waterfalls, caves, geysers, hot springs, national forests, national parks, deserts, plains, grasslands, mountains, lakes, rivers, oceans, tide pools, or beaches.           
  • Science center – Check out all the cool exhibits. 
  • Swimming pools or Splash parks
  • Ice creams shop – Walk to your local ice cream shop
  • Dentists / Doctor Offices – Call ahead and ask for a quick tour.
  • Train Stations / Train Museum 
  • Indoor playground 
  • Attend a child-friendly performance at a local theatre, concert hall or other venues.

Field trips are fun for children to learn about their community and the world around them. They can help make friends and learn how to interact with others. We hope you have enjoyed our list of 40 fun field trip ideas for daycares.

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