Daycare Permission To Photograph Policy

Daycare Permission To Photograph Policy – Why You Need One

In this blog post, we will discuss what a daycare permission to photograph policy is, why you need one, and how to create one for your daycare. We will also provide some examples of wording that you can use in your own policy. Keep reading for more information!

What is a Daycare Permission To Photograph Policy?

A photography policy outlines what types of photos will be allowed during daycare hours. Plus, it includes the purpose and your intended purpose for the images. A permission to photograph form is a legal document that grants you the authorization to take and use images of a person for commercial purposes. This form must be signed by the subject of the photographs (or their parent/guardian if they are under 18 years of age) for it to be legally binding. 

Daycares will take photos to document their activities and progress. As well as use these pictures in their marketing materials, on their website, and on social media. Some parents may not want their child’s photo taken or used this way. Therefore, parents should be given the option to opt-out.

General Guidelines regarding taking photos in daycares

  • Only take pictures of the children whose parents have signed a permission to photograph form.
  • Never post any identifying information about the children (such as their name or address) along with the pictures.
  • Use pictures of the children in general settings (such as playing outside or eating lunch).
  • If a parent asks you to remove their child’s image from our website or social media, we will do so within 48 hours.

Why do you need a permission to photograph policy?

The main reason why daycares need a permission to photograph policy is to protect the children’s privacy in their care. With a permission to photograph form, parents can indicate whether or not they want their child’s picture to be taken and shared on social media or the daycare’s website. This way, the parents control how their child’s image is used. 

Another reason why this form is important is that it helps to prevent misunderstandings between parents and providers. Oftentimes, parents may assume that their child’s picture can be taken and shared without their consent. However, this is not always the case. By having a permission to photograph form, daycare providers can ensure that they are only taking and sharing pictures of children whose parents have given their consent. 

Lastly, this form benefits daycare providers as it can help them avoid liability issues. The taking and sharing of pictures of children without their parent’s consent is illegal in some states. If a provider were to do so, they could be sued by the parent or guardian of the child. Therefore, providers can avoid potential legal issues by having a permission to photograph form on file for each child. 

What elements should a permission to photograph form have? 

A permission to photograph form must contain certain elements to be legally binding. These include:

  • Daycare center/company name and contact information 
  • A description of how the images will be used (e.g., on the daycare’s website, in marketing materials, etc.) 
  • The name(s) of the child/ren who will be photographed/videotaped 
  • The signature of the parent/guardian 
  • The date of the signature 

Sample Daycare Permission to Photograph Policy

(Insert Daycare Name) respectfully requests permission from parents/guardians to photograph their children while they are enrolled in the daycare program. (Insert Daycare Name) will only use these images for activities, portfolios, or displays within the center and will not use them for any other reason without parental permission. We will honour all parent’s requests not to have their child photographed. We will only use cameras or recording devices for documentation purposes. They will ensure the safety and confidentiality of the children by not posting images on social networking sites. The photos will only be used for educational purposes. Images will be downloaded to the center’s computer for printing, sent electronically to be printed, or brought to a photo shop on a daycare USB stick to be printed.

I hereby give permission for my child, ___________________________to be photographed while enrolled at (Insert Daycare Name). Also, I understand that these images will only be used for the stated purposes and will not be used for any other reason without my express written consent.


Child’s Name ___________________________ Age_____________

Parent/Guardian Signature ___________________________

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Daycare Permission To Photograph Policy

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