Day Before Christmas Break Activities

The Best Day Before Christmas Break Activities for Daycares

As the festive season approaches, are you on the lookout for creative, fun, and educational activities for the day before Christmas break to keep your little ones entertained? These day before Christmas break activities not only celebrate the joyous season but also help develop motor skills, encourage creativity, and promote social interaction among toddlers.

1. Holiday Storytime

One of the simplest yet most engaging activities is a special reading session of a classic Christmas tale like The Night Before Christmas Storytime not only improves their listening skills but also gets them into the holiday spirit.

Holiday Books Suggestion

When it comes to choosing a book to read to your little ones, look for ones with colorful illustrations and simple stories. Some classic Christmas books suitable for toddlers include The Jolly Christmas Postman, The Little Reindeer, Santa’s Workshop, and Where is Santa’s Beard? These books offer a wonderful opportunity for toddlers to explore the cherished traditions of Christmas. Through delightful stories, they can discover the joy of gift-giving, the enchantment of tree decoration, and the excitement surrounding Santa Claus’s arrival. Reading these books will not only entertain them but also impart valuable knowledge about this special time of year.

2. Christmas Cookie Decorating

Baking and decorating cookies can be a delightful sensory experience for toddlers. Bake some plain sugar cookies beforehand, and let the children decorate them with icing and sprinkles. Engaging in this activity fosters holistic development by stimulating creativity, enhancing fine motor skills, and promoting artistic expression.

To save time and ensure a baking-free experience for yourself, consider using pre-made sugar cookie kits. These kits usually include pre-baked sugar cookies, frosting mixes, and sprinkles for cookie decoration, making it a convenient all-in-one solution.

Choosing these kits not only saves time but also eliminates the need to measure ingredients or fret over baking times. As a result, daycare kiddos can jump right into the most delightful aspect – decorating!

3. Handprint Christmas Ornaments

Crafting handprint ornaments is a delightful activity that creates lasting memories. While air-dry clay is a popular choice, these keepsake ornaments can also be made from various other materials. Salt dough, plaster of Paris, and even homemade baking soda clay are fantastic alternatives that are just as easy to use and safe for children.

Once the handprints are set and dry, children can paint and decorate these ornaments, adding a personal touch. They can use non-toxic acrylic paints, glitter, or even stick-on gems to embellish their creations.

To save time and ensure a smooth process, consider having the basic handprint shapes pre-made. This way, children can focus on the exciting part – painting and decorating. These handcrafted ornaments make perfect keepsakes for parents, serving as a charming reminder of their child’s tiny hands during this festive season.

Or Skip The Handprint Ornaments and Try These.

4. Christmas Coloring Pages

Providing Christmas-themed coloring pages not only allows toddlers to color in various festive characters like Santa Claus, reindeer, and snowmen, but it also provides them with a joyful and creative outlet during the holiday season. This engaging activity not only helps improve their hand-eye coordination and color recognition skills but also encourages imagination and self-expression as they bring these holiday characters to life with vibrant colors and their own unique artistic touch.

5. DIY Snow Globes

Creating DIY snow globes is an exciting craft that can be safely done using leak-proof plastic containers. Fill the plastic container with water, add a dash of glitter, and place a small Christmas figurine inside. Securely fasten the lid with hot glue to ensure no leakage, and there you have it! Your very own homemade snow globe. Children will absolutely love shaking their personalized snow globes and watching the glitter flurry around like snowfall. This activity is not only fun but also stimulates the children’s imagination and creativity.

6. Paper Plate Snowmen

Let the children unleash their imagination and create their own adorable snowmen using paper plates as the body, fluffy cotton balls for the snowy texture, and colorful paper for accessories like buttons and scarves. This fun-filled activity not only allows them to express their creativity but also helps develop their fine motor skills as they carefully cut and assemble the pieces together. Watch as their faces light up with joy and pride as they bring their unique snowman creations to life!

7. Jingle Bell Dance Party

A jingle bell dance party is a fantastic way to get toddlers moving and grooving during the holiday season. Set the festive atmosphere by playing some upbeat and cheerful music, and make it even more fun by giving each child a shiny jingle bell to hold and ring as they dance around in joyous delight. Watch their smiles grow brighter as they embrace the spirit of the season and create cherished memories together.

8. Holiday Puzzles and Games

Engaging kids in simple holiday-themed puzzles and games can significantly enhance their problem-solving skills. Using printed pictures and cardboard materials, you can encourage them to flex their critical thinking muscles! While having fun. Or buy holiday-themed puzzles and games to keep things simple. This hands-on approach not only stimulates their cognitive development but also fosters their creativity and dexterity.

Here are some specific suggestions for holiday puzzles and games that your toddler might enjoy:

  1. Holiday-Themed Jigsaw Puzzles: Look for age-appropriate jigsaw puzzles with holiday themes. For instance, MoinKidz offers a 48-piece Christmas puzzle that’s perfect for kids aged 3-5. You can also find puzzles with winter or holiday scenes at Target.
  2. Printable Christmas Puzzles: Websites like Pinterest offer printable Christmas puzzles and memory games that you can easily prepare at home. These are great for developing your toddler’s problem-solving skills.
  3. Wrapping Paper Puzzle Game: An innovative idea from Happily Ever Mom involves wrapping puzzle pieces in wrapping paper. The child unwraps the presents (puzzle pieces) and then puts together the puzzle.
  4. Digital Puzzle Games: If you’re comfortable with screen time, there are apps like “Toddler Puzzle Games for kids 4+” on the App Store that offer educational puzzles. Around the holidays, there are often Christmas-themed games.  
  5. Word Search Puzzles: For older kiddos, you can introduce simple word search puzzles with a holiday theme. 

9. Santa’s Workshop

Setting up a festive pretend play area, complete with a Santa’s workshop theme, offers an engaging and immersive experience for kids. As Santa’s eager little elves, they can joyfully wrap beautifully adorned boxes filled with carefully selected toys, immersing themselves in the spirit of Christmas. This imaginative and interactive activity encourages not only their creativity but also helps nurture their role-playing skills, making it a perfect holiday adventure for young minds.

10. Christmas Card Creation

Finally, offering construction paper, stickers, crayons, and other craft supplies for toddlers to create Christmas cards for their parents is a fantastic way to boost their creativity and fine motor skills.

These day before Christmas break activities are more than just fun. They are opportunities for children to learn, grow, and develop essential skills while getting into the festive spirit. So, this Christmas, let’s make the last day at daycare before the break a memorable one for our little ones!

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Day Before Christmas Break Activities for Daycares

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