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Is a 30-day notice sufficient? What Is a Fair Notice Period When Closing Your Home Daycare?

Running a home daycare is a challenging yet rewarding task. As a daycare provider, you need to attend to children’s physical, mental, and emotional needs daily. However, there might come a time when you need to close your home daycare for various reasons, whether personal or professional. With this, it is crucial to understand the importance of giving proper notice when closing your home daycare. This blog post will discuss the ideal notice period when closing your home daycare and why it is crucial.

Identify the applicable licensing regulations that pertain to closing your home daycare.

If you are a licensed daycare provider, you must understand the licensing regulations you must comply with when closing down your business. Depending on your state, closing your home daycare may require you to provide written notification to parents or regulators, refund any prepaid fees, and complete an exit interview or inspection. Conduct thorough research and contact your state licensing agency for guidance to ensure you follow all applicable regulations and avoid any legal complications during the closing process.

How long should your notice period be?

Typically, a 30-day notice period is standard in many states when closing your home daycare. However, it is essential to understand that a reasonable notice period may vary depending on specific circumstances. For example, if the daycare closes due to health concerns or other emergencies, you may only be able to provide a shortened notice period. In contrast, if you are closing your daycare to retire or move out of the country, a 60 to 90-day notice period may be sufficient.

Why a fair notice period is crucial in maintaining a positive relationship with parents

Providing a reasonable notice period can be a legal obligation, but it also helps maintain a positive relationship with parents. You still have to interact with parents from when you give notice to when you actually close. Giving reasonable notice can make this time less awkward.  

With a fair notice period, you have enough time to settle accounts with parents, such as unpaid bills and prepaid fees. Moreover, it provides adequate closing time to prepare yourself emotionally to leave the children you have grown attached to.


One crucial aspect of your job is providing fair notice when closing your home daycare. Following regulations and maintaining a positive relationship with parents is essential. An appropriate notice period benefits parents and you as a daycare provider. So, if you ever find the need to close your home daycare, always remember to provide a reasonable notice period.  

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