Childcare Swimming Permission Form

Why You Should Have a Childcare Swimming Permission Form

Taking children swimming is a great way for daycare providers to provide physical activity and have fun with the kids. However, if you’re thinking about taking your daycare kids swimming, there are a few things you need to consider before you jump in. One of the most important considerations is whether or not you should have a childcare swimming permission form. Let’s take a look at why this is so important and how to get started with creating one. 

The Rules and Regulations Around Swimming 

Before you can decide if a childcare swimming permission form is necessary, it’s important to understand the rules and regulations around taking children swimming. Generally speaking, you will need written consent from each parent or guardian before allowing their child to swim in any public body of water or even in private pools located on residential property. This means that if you plan on taking your daycare kids swimming during playdates, field trips, or other activities offsite, then your parents will need to sign off on it beforehand. 

When providing daycare services, it is important to ensure you meet all licensing requirements for swimming permission. Depending on the state/province, this may include setting a maximum capacity for the size of the pool and adhering to safety regulations designed to protect children in and around the water. Additionally, each state will have its own guidelines regarding how many kids can swim at one time and what kind of supervision is required. Researching local requirements and any additional regulations your daycare must abide by when allowing swimming activities is essential. Knowing these rules ahead of time can save you time, money, and potential legal troubles down the road.

Creating Your Childcare Swimming Permission Form 

Once you’ve determined that having a childcare swimming permission form is necessary for your daycare business, it’s time to create one. 

Basic Information

When crafting your permission form, make sure to include basic information such as parent/guardian contact details; emergency contact numbers; the name of the child being taken out for a swim; the date and location of the swim; what safety precautions are being taken; and any additional relevant information. 

Swimmers Level

A Childcare Swimming Permission Form should include an accurate representation of the child’s swimming experience. If a child has had no prior experience with swimming, then this should be indicated on the form in order to ensure that the appropriate precautions are taken to ensure the child is safe and secure in the water.

If a child has some limited experience with swimming, then it should be detailed on the form as well, including any specifics such as the type of stroke(s) they can swim, their comfort level in different water depths, and what type of assistance they may need while swimming. For those children who know how to swim, information regarding their skill level (beginner, intermediate or advanced) should also be included. Finally, for all children, regardless of their swimming ability or experience level, special instructions about the use of flotation devices and other safety measures should be included on the permission form.


You also want to write the form in simple, understandable language that explains why parental consent is required for this activity. As well as any potential risks associated with taking children out for a swim. Finally, make sure that both parents/guardians sign off on the document before allowing the child to go out for that first dip in the pool!  

Swimming can be an enjoyable activity for both daycare providers and the kids alike—but only if done safely! Having an up-to-date childcare swimming permission form ensures that all parties involved know exactly what they’re getting into before they jump in (literally!). If you’re thinking about taking your daycare kids swimming anytime soon, then make sure you have all of your legal ducks in a row first by creating an official permission form today!

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