Can you run a daycare in a rental home

Can you run a daycare in a rental home?

Do you want to open a home daycare but are currently renting?

And are you wondering if you can run a daycare in your rental home? The answer to this question is maybe maybe not. It all depends on the type of rental property, your lease, the landlord, and where you live.

Generally speaking, if a renter of a property wants to use their basement or any other part of their house for a home daycare, then they must first check with their landlord to ensure that they are allowed to do so.

Also, some jurisdictions will require you to obtain written consent from the landlord before you will be able to get a business license.

How can you run a daycare in a rental home?

You can start by checking your lease.  Many leases do not allow tenants to operate a business from rental properties. This could be due to wear and tear, issues with neighbors, or city regulations. If your lease doesn’t have any restrictions, then ask permission from your landlord.

For renters in condos or apartments, your landlord may also need to must obtain permission from the building’s board or condo association first. This may include getting permission from other tenants or condo owners.

Landlords may require a larger damage deposit due to the increased liability risk. Not to mention the wear and tear on the property. Your landlord may suggest an increase in rent to cover their liability. You will need to provide this money prior to them allowing you to run a home daycare. Consider this when deciding if opening a home daycare is right for you.

You may need to provide proof of adequate liability insurance before your landlord agrees to your home daycare. Your landlord is taking most of the risk with their homeowner’s insurance. But they may require you to get your own coverage. Check out this blog post on Home Daycare Insurance.

Some landlords might not allow renters to use certain parts of the house for commercial purposes, while others may have no problems at all.

Can you run a daycare in a rental home without the consent of the landlord in California?

You sure can. You are required to have proof of approved licensing and give notice to the landlord.

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