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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Two Year Olds


45 Bucket List Ideas Two Year Olds Will Love

  1. Play with water balloons
  2. Create an outdoor obstacle course
  3. Visit a local park
  4. Host a teddy bear picnic
  5. Take a field trip to the library
  6. Run through the sprinklers
  7. Set up an outdoor water station
  8. Make mud pies
  9. Finger paint with pudding
  10. Set up tents and blankets and pretend to go camping in your yard
  11. Have a lemonade stand
  12. Read books outside
  13. Blow bubbles
  14. Take a field trip to a splash pad
  15. Go backyard bowling
  16. Make suncatchers
  17. Hunt for rocks
  18. Make a bird feeder
  19. Plant a special garden with your daycare kids
  20. Play hopscotch
  21. Paint rocks
  22. Colour with chalk
  23. Make homemade popsicles
  24. Play I spy
  25. Have a scavenger hunt
  26. Find the shapes in the clouds
  27. Create a summer sensory bin
  28. Make kites and fly them
  29. Play in a sandbox
  30. Make homemade ice cream
  31. Play hide and seek
  32. Do a science project
  33. Build sandcastles
  34. Create pets out of rocks
  35. Do some nature art
  36. Catch bugs
  37. Go on a nature walk
  38. Jump in puddles
  39. Make homemade slime
  40. Make paper boats and sail them
  41. Bake cookies
  42. Have a dance party
  43. Play with play dough
  44. Simple Bingo Game
  45. Play Sports (baseball, soccer, basketball, or hockey) 

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25 Summer Themes for Preschoolers

Here are 25 of our favorite summer themes for preschoolers.  Any theme would work in the summer.  But think about doing all the messy, water or nature-based themes during the summer.  You can easily take these messy theme activities outside and reduce the cleanup time.  

  1. Beach
  2. Sandcastles
  3. Flip Flops
  4. Swimming
  5. Ocean Life
  6. Lady Bugs
  7. Bugs
  8. Butterflies
  9. Trees
  10. Birds
  11. Flowers
  12. Dirt & Rocks
  13. Worms
  14. Picnics
  15. Watermelon 
  16. Berries (Strawberries, Raspberries, Blueberries)
  17. Gardening
  18. Kites
  19. Paper Boats
  20. Fishing 
  21. Camping
  22. Hiking/Nature walking
  23. Float or Sink
  24. Canada Day 
  25. 4th of July  

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The Ultimate Summer Bucket List For Two Year Olds