8 Summer Printables For A Home Daycare

Break out the crayons because we have rounded up eight awesome printable for your home daycare.  Add these summer printables to your preschool curriculum to beat boredom this summer. Or include them in your quiet time activities.

Let start with this super cute count down to summer printable from Fun For Little Ones.  Color or simply cross off each flip flop. What an fun way to get excited for summer!

Summer Fun Schedule

Always have something to do this summer with this fun summer schedule.  A simple guideline of fun ideas of things to do. With each day doing a different activity.  Kids will love the variety of activities, but the consistency of a schedule. Give it a try this summer.

How about making your own bucket list of activities?

Here is a great bucket list printable that you and your kids can fill out together.  Come up with a bunch of fun activities you guys can do all summer long. Don’t forget to hang up this fun printable where everyone can see and enjoy.

summer bucket list printable

Who doesn’t love connect the dots?  Here are four fun summer connect the dot printable from Simple Everyday Mom

Did you say Park Bingo?

Oh we sure did.  How fun is this summer printable.  This is the perfect activity for your older home daycare kids.

Park Bingo

No summer is complete without a scavenger hunt.  Here is a gorgeous nature scavenger hunt printable by JaMonkey.  

Free Summer Printables

If the above wasn’t enough, here is a free beach-themed printable worksheet pack.  Fill with fun beach themed activities and worksheets.  

Summer Curriculum for home daycare

Away from your printer? Pin for later

Summer printables

Summer Items Requirements for Your Home Daycare

Nothing is worse than having one child who doesn’t have the appropriate clothing for the activities you want to do.  Make it a requirement for parents to provide children with summer items. 

The last thing you want is to be stuck inside all summer.  Here is a free printable that you can print and give to parents.