dos and don't when when Opening a Home Daycare

10 Do’s and Don’ts when Opening a Home Daycare

Here are our best do’s and don’ts when opening a home daycare. Save yourself a lot of headaches, and browse our recommendations below. If you have any you want to add, write a comment below and help a newbie home daycare provider out.

  1. Don’t undersell yourself to get clients.  Decide on a rate, hours of operations, and the ideal client you want to have.  Don’t bend your rules. Read more on setting your home daycare rates here.
  2. Do have a contract before you take on clients.  Don’t get pushed around by parents.  
  3. Don’t provide a service that doesn’t work for your lifestyle.  If offering weekend hours don’t work for your family, don’t offer it.
  4. Do follow the lead of the children when it comes to free playtime.  You don’t need to have a ton of activities and crafts planned.
  5. Do keep meals simple.  Start with small portions and then give more if kids are still hungry.  This will help to avoid food waste.
  6. Do keep all receipts for your taxes.  Find a system for recording tax information and stay on top of it.  Nothing worst than rushing to get it done before the tax deadline. Read more on Home daycare taxes here.
  7. Do follow your gut when it comes to interviewing families.  The fit has to be right for both parties involved.  It is harder to terminate a client than it is to say that you don’t think the fit is right for your home daycare. 
  8. Do clean up your home daycare area before a meet and greet.
  9. Do create a parent handbook and have a communication system in place before you open your doors.
  10. Don’t forget to put your family first and remember to take vacations.  Avoid daycare provider burnout. Read more on home daycare provider burnout here.  

It can be a stressful time when opening a home daycare but don’t forget to have fun! Do the crafts with the kids, play at the park, or even read your favorite childhood books.

Need help with a home daycare business plan? Check out this post to get started.

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