Thinking of starting a home daycare?

Starting a home day can be a bit confusing.  But don’t worry we have got you covered. We will walk you through the step by step process of building a business plan, putting together a parent handbook, setting up your space and getting your first client.  

But first, let make sure its the right choice for you and your family


How to start a home daycare

You can’t just wing it
Develop your Business Plan

Home daycares are small businesses and you need to treat them as such.  Learn how to make a solid business plan that will make you money. Create a budget for expenses and tax planning.  Figure out what policies and procedures you plan in enforcing. 

We are a community of home daycare providers.

 We understand how hard it can be to get started and want to help you in your journey of starting a home daycare.

Are you a home daycare provider looking to contribute to our community?   We are accepting guest post.  

Running a home daycare can be a great option for anyone who want to work from home.  But there is so much to consider. Home daycares are businesses and you need to treat them as such to be successful. 

Learn how to develop a business plan for your home daycare.  Policies and procedures you should consider.  Financial considerations and more. 

Ultimate list of home daycare resources to help you connect with local resources.


Daily Attendance Record for home daycares

Attendance Tracker


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Free Income Tracker for Home Daycares

Income Tracker


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Illness policy for home daycares

Parent Handbook

Learn to make a parent handbook

Forms & Contracts

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